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"From the ALPHA to the OMEGA"

Our galaxy's third eye, which we call Hubble, looks deep into the vastness of space and time.
What do we as human beings find that we cannot comprehend? What immensity is foind that we cannot percieve?
Electron microscopes and orbiting telescopes bring the microcosms and macrocosms into sight within our human brains.
Do we see farther and deeper, or are we "seeing" what we have always had the capacity to see?

The ability of the third eye to comprehend immensity and pentrate density opens
our collective conceptual ability and illuminates our sleeping awareness.

Which is more mysterious: the perceived or the perciever?

We can see the intelligence of the cosmos like seeing a vast ocean, but can we
see that our thoughts are reflective partices of this intelligence li,ke drops merging
with the ocean? We are living organisms; children of th eageless Mother, "the cosmos"
and an ageless father is showing that there is more to be. We are children of minerals
and the sea and our thoughts are of light and our actions form our of will. Such divine
immensity and mutable density are our ancestors. The divine intelligence that conceived of
being is EVER PRESENT!

by Al Duval

The search for Spirit in a physical world has been our human quest.
Yoga defines the union of the physical and the spiritual by using the human body
(or universal anatomy) as the standard measurement. Breath is the thread
that links every level of our lives with the physical world. Nutrition
gives us strength, and in attending to our nutritional needs, we obtain
purpose and clear objectives. Self-sufficiency is the standard for
prosperity while how we achieve self-sufficiency is our own personal
mythology or value system. Meditation is a non-action, which allows the
reclaiming of our self-sufficiency.

The effectiveness of our lives depends on how well we establish a reliable
interaction (truth) with the elemental (earth, air, fire, water) levels of
nature, which in themselves are self-perpetuating. Our interaction with
earth gives us locomotion, or mobility. Our interaction with air gives us
expressiveness. Our interaction with fire gives us dynamics. Our
interaction with water gives us adaptability. Each of these elements has
its own intelligence and energy. By observation and meditation we can
identify with our own elemental composition or atomic qualities.
Mythology/ analogy are fundamental human experiences as we learn to
reexamine our actions as human "beings".

The search for truth is enhanced by sharing or exchanging concepts
(communication). The universal anatomy (our bodies) is the primary tool for
exploration, communication, transportation, and the reclaiming of our
Meditation, the non-action of self-sufficiency, results in a single state
of body and mind called LIBERATION

by Al Duval

The soul is deathless, and detached from the Primary fear, death.
The soul creates with light from the vastness of space.
Death liberates us from our own mind.
Expectations of the end of the journey interfere with the flow of life.
The magic aspects of life are delivered from divine essences, the ability to
evoke these comes from super trust in the natural, not beyond measure.
Our natural urges are passionate and divine.
Our ego creates regret based on expectation.
Where do we come from? What is the universe?
Will we ever know either where we came from or where we go?
Being an ally and sharing our well-being is the present and perfect place.
The divine will bring us right to the spot where life is the fullest.
The adventure of life flows through us, and then there is harmony in nature.
Our karmic need to rectify the wrongs, insists we learn each lesson from multitudes of sides.
Karma is not an eye for an eye, but learning to see.
The flow is not right or wrong but perfect.
Damming the flow is repression of the needs of nature.
The strength to come to a natural perspective will bring us into the creativity of the flow.
The flow nourishes fearlessly while teaching the need to participate at life level and dispenses with our personal ego.
The destination is not more important than the journey.
The present requires closure to the out come of the journey and shift to the reality of being the present and the gift.
Without sharing it there is no present.
Holding onto it will make the intellect mad, the adventure unbearable, and life stagnant.
Awareness is the truth that is involved in living.

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