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a DIVINE state ‘beyond the pale’


al duval

the journey

a constant change

adhering to the change we meet the divine

not what we want


what was designed for us

merging with the divine

we see the outcome

as the ever-present

step by step

we reached

the place



the step

you are on is called

the present

this step

is as required

as all the others

waiting is required

moving forward is required

being present is required

the all encompassing present

has morphed into

now and moves on


this unfolding as divine

mythology is the story of our unity

history is the result of our duality

severing our nature is the measure of time

slicing our story into

winning and losing

intuition becomes our not-rational nature

interpreting regardless of time

moving away from our concrete outcome (death)

we move into the ever-present (life)

sharing our nature

our intuition uses natural guides


we are on the same path

segregating our cells from our nature

we impose unnatural forces

defining rational

separating us from nature


this is an impossible situation

called death





the creator dispenses creativity


to attend to our lovers and our allies

utilizing our creative nature


attends to our most basic needs

possessive about our creations

we become proud and greedy

not a natural process

rising above pride and greed

we look into our selves

to find the creator

our nature

removed from our nature

we find

the man made mind


we want

what is not present

moving away from creativity

into delusion

missing the point


getting past the drama

moving into the soulution recognize your own mind

recreating - renovating - redeeming

the past into a soluble situation

the mind out of control is a thing to avoid

the mind in control is a thing to observe

open your eyes

validate your self in the present

when there is conflict

in what you see and what you say

address the ego

(the mind out of control)

the psyche more than the ego

is the bodies perspective

not the minds

open your eyes and see

the body has to deal with

'the ego'


move on





merge into the source
realize the sublime

within the elemental
particles change the soulution
using space

as a transport of non resistance

elementally the waves are all interacting
filling - emptying - moving on

into time and space

investigate the sublime

intellectually we find integrity

investigate the sublime

emotionally we find trust

with integrity and trust we step into
the consistently inconsistent
the ever present

where now came from




the adventure of man

intrigues the divine

the perils of man are detours

from the divine

the divine

holds the present still enough

to allow man to enter

entering this divine space

we find being rational lacks a lot

not rational

our emotions

excite the mind

calming the mind


turns into commitment

to approach the divine

ever present we find

adventure in the mystery

in the adventure

our cells surrender

to a place they have

never been

a divine state

discourse with the primal

is the need to move away from

our human inclination of conflict

the conflict within

which disturbs the perception of our cells

this conflict is our personal dismay

conflict driven by the ego to win

to win what?


is the primary tool of the ego

to detour us from

moving into the primal

the intellect and the intuition

hold no defense

when the ego

turns life

into survival

participating with the primal

our senses get untangled

with clarity we integrate

our cells with the present

and find

yet another opportunity for


trust and courage

are the reins of discernment

knowing what works

testing the mystery

for adventure yet unseen takes

courage to move forward

based in doubt and insecurity

what is left

is over whelmed by fear

our mortal dilemma

the child is fearless

the warrior charges into fear

the path of the ego

is our destruction

trust and courage

are reins of discernment

disciplined enough

to control the ego’s fears

victory is the present!

what is to fear?

the ego

the courage needed to be present

comes from being fear-less

exposing fearless-ness

attracts our lovers and allies

gathering this collective

we create

our strongest emotional state

the state of empowerment

which allows an expansion

of the collective

to recognize and embrace compassion

embracing compassion

we realize the need to liberate

ourselves from the manipulation

of greed and disempowering beliefs


we find our soul

a guiding light

finding this within our being

we come to the present

knowing what to do


touch the soul
receive the divine

like an empty cup receiving ambrosia

clarity of mind
clears a path for the divine
to etch itself indelible through time

as we receive the current
the present unfolds - fluid as water
diluting – and re solving our
dogmas and delusions

the cup
on the level spills nothing
though the capacity to overflow is possible

dive into the ambrosia
never doubt the intensity of experiencing the divine

when the slate is clear the words come
the divine exposes itself
as your mind tuned in

words of the divine
enlighten the mind
warm the heart
and touch the soul

the x/y axis

of time and space

magically maintain the present

the center of all

detached from the outcome

seeing the karmic wheel spin

the soulution is now

the crossing of these axis

marks the potential

the resources are available now

the x/y of time/space

both invisible


threads of consciousness

weaving and unweaving dreams

through reality

standing firm

the soulution

moves on

no thing to take

no one to be

the soulution is

a celebration of

the mystery

how many possibilities do we have?

POWER - to empower or to disempower
POSSESSIONS - to share or to own
CONTROL - to liberate or to manipulate

3 choices
made by different levels of consciousness
ego - hunger - heart

heart felt empowers by caring
hunger felt survives by sharing
liberation lives by daring

realized the ego ceases to disempower
realized hunger ceases to be greedy
realized liberation ceases the egos fear

reflecting on
this grand play
teaching what we have learned
ensures our integrity and evolution

in unity

empowerment - compassion - liberation
provide the ingredients for
courage - self sufficiency - life


the primary soulution
is elemental
self defining and ever-present

are pointers in time/space

the soulution points exactly
to the present
requires participation
not separation

of the mind from the sublime

use the light

to see the present
as ever-present- not a possession


the use of light

shows us our deeper dimensions
showing we are not yet at the end

beings on journeys

need maps to see
what has been done and what is left

seeing the journey

as now!

the third eye
magnifies the situation

as the present

the present lights the way into the primal soul
loving our cells we identify with our selves

moving into a constant unknown

our allies
flow in

on their time

into our space

buoyant we find our cells
define their state

the higher we get
the fewer boundaries we see

down to earth

we scare our selves

in our own sleep

enjoy the allegiance of your cells
your selves
and all the stars

that illuminate your way

present the delight

the karmic play
is to know your part

and be it

the struggle to learn our character

takes integrity

a primary ingredient of the divine


the integrity of every element knows its part
to present the whole

shifting forms our creative soul
trains our animal body

we see the character we are

we wake up in a different state every day

to understand this unfolding
we need a higher and brighter guide
then we come to terms with the divine



consciousness of the ever present

expanding into our stage
our play

running every day

the helm of life

requires being in control

taking the lead

being on course

what follows

manifests an adventure

moving into the adventure

requires a map of stars

an overview

allowing a change of direction

where all points

lead to a divine outcome

being present with allies

is an oceanic process

utilizing them as stars to guide

our quest

on this ever changing


trust is an emersion

of our cells

inter acting as one


a vessel for


looking out for our selves
we become strong

looking out for others
we become compassionate

looking out for both
we see the present


we are sufficient and filled with the divine




in between
the space is the same

removal of the pollution (ego)
we have a clearer mind

participating with the collective

find our own depths
seeing what is being offered
seeing what choices we made
seeing what we chose not to do

reminding your cells
you are participating

the collective inspires us

beyond our imagination

over coming

collective unconsciousness

can only take place



being allies we can

empower our cells

share our abundance

and individually move forward

beyond our imagination

self sufficient allies

bring a unity

beyond individual accomplishments

in the present

each breath ignites a nuclear explosion

a hologram of the collective


takes us beyond our imagination

celebrating our nature
is our part in creation

holding back - our cells - our self
is a disempowerment beyond
what could be done to us!

the consistent into
the power of empowerment
going beyond what is expected

the mind will adhere to the breath of change
and see choice
as an action
intended to wake us from our comfort zone
and move us to the center of the adventure

we can utilize emotion as a wave
this tests our discipline
to stay on course
guided by stars


destiny is an unexpected situation

to see if

we can find our self

our higher self re-solved

relieved to find the past



the mystery unveils itself

there is more to find

than the past!

our cells will follow

the path of destiny

with trust

following the past

we wander paths

other than our own

our destiny longs for exposure

to see

to be exposed to the light

which cuts away the past

as a sign of lightness

then the past becomes resourcefulness

knowing what is ahead

surpasses dreams

empowerment - compassion - and liberation
require a multi-perspective

attending to our cells
they teach us we are another cell in the human collective

each requiring dimensions to be addressed
which do not appear
other than through
our participation

our participation is choice

we set up our psyche
on a path made from commitment

committed to our cells
and our cell in the collective

we embrace empowering

aware of our binary basics

we step up to the present

we can

follow or lead

disempower or empower

be selfish or compassionate

be manipulative or liberated

we do have free choice

the choice leads us to the present

being present our choices are our truths

the future
holds what we see when truth is our strategy


is the emotion we need
to accept what we have done
being clear and being centered

we can chose to change

taking the opportunity

to emerge from our sleeping unconsciousness

we step onto the place

we can accomplish crafts

necessary to our well being

seeing the beauty of the divine

our reflection takes nature

to another level

not noticing

the beauty and abundance

of nature

we return

to our sleeping unconsciousness

becoming proud and greedy

with pride and greed


becomes the loss of our soul

becoming mortal

we get off track

and bludgeon our way through

seeing the beauty and abundance

we work with the well being of the collective

creating functional tools

allowing the self sufficient

to take hold

to design a collective

to adore the beauty

and share the abundance

a divine state beyond the pale

a collection of divinely inspired meditations

revealing the divine in each and every cell of the collective

revelations from a divine channel

to empower

to be compassionate

to liberate

all to be taken lightly

to enlighten

and lighten

our life

our lives

our space


Om na ma ganesha

Om na ma shiva ya


I see with your light