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the sound of no hands clapping
the art of self sufficiency

Al Duval Ganesh Image
Al Duval Ganesh Image
Al Duval Ganesh Image

by al duval

Al Duval Ganesh Image
Al Duval Ganesh Image

the art of self sufficiency
as received from
lord ganesha

translated by Al Duval on Kauai

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter 1

get into your self
explore the creative potential
being the change

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter 2

stand steadfast
love is a matriarchal process
entertain the delights of the soul
getting what we want is child's play compared to realizing our destiny
define the state you are in rather than making it a place
getting what is needed is happening! - getting what you want isn't!

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chapter 3

plant it!
fulfilled or filled too full?
sufficient - an ancient concept
the ever present - presents endless possibilities
the furies of the mind manifest the obstacles on the path
beggars can not be chooser
trust the ingredients needed for well being
the challenge of life is to give it away
a symbol of wellness is a being experiencing wellness
acceptance of what you are not - lends to who you are

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chapter 4

there is no reward only a gift
looking forward we measure with time
surrender to love (a funny four letter word)
inventory the moment
to do what is needed you have to listen, breath, and then emote
passion and fulfillment are the keys to unlock the threshold of trust
reality - re address you allies as necessary for your evolution
the outcome is a reflection of the intention - while following the formula
where you are- all that you could need - exists
review your situation over time
war is the destruction of the psyche
the wheel of life is composed of multitudes of parts

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter 5

come to terms with what is
where i am is where i went!
the creative process allows us to move fearlessly into the moment
re mind your self - you are not what you wanted to be
the awareness of the psyche observes the big picture
the breath of life has passed through wizards and fools
being intellectual gathers information until our brain hurts
isolation of our mind to our own design
breath is life - without it there is no life
identify with the mind and there is no time
memory - reflection - responding responsibly
reflecting on the aspects of life - winning and losing are endless
when what you are doing is not what you think...
knowing has to do with knowledge - non experiential information
the collective well being is the individual egos demise
know what is on your mind - and get it off
integration of the body and the mind

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chapter 6

silently walking on time and feeling the space
moving into the source we dissolve into an atomic dance
transitions through space and time develop our psyche
the price of being in charge - meeting god
take charge

chapter one

Al Duval Ganesh Image

get into your
so you can get through it
and get over it

hang on  - for the potential will prevail
it happens when we die
or when we get over it

once over it we see the ego doesn't fit
after we extract ourselves from it

we can be full of it or vacant
available for the unknown

the ever present created this multi dimensional being
the ever present allows us
to believe we are in charge
to investigate our own boundaries

finding our boundaries
we discover immensity and our own density
lighten up
feel your atomic weight

Al Duval Ganesh Image

receive and explore abundance
not possessively but caringly
sharing is a lost art

re vitalize the art and discover the gift
a sharing caring compassionate perspective

being well takes effort
being broken takes more

discerning we don't choose - we know and do

to do the work divined for us
is to find our self
when we find our self
it isn't work
it is celebration

a different dance
to a different tune

the solution to our own cry for help
help your self out
share it

Al Duval Ganesh Image

explore the creative potential

explode the core into a multi dimensional outcome
one which embraces the collective well being

explore the heights and depths of emotional expression

compassion pursues and implores for the collective need

our collective need for wholeness
within and without

what we need isn't hard to find
but it is hidden in the recesses of our mind

one life to explore

we can't find it
too soon
by exploring we can find it
embracing the collective well being

Al Duval Ganesh Image

being the change
creates energy

allowing the change
we don't judge
but observe and move
in the direction of the collective well being

moving in this direction
we emote creatively rather than possessively

moving on then awakens the reality
that flow is constant and little is needed

our wants are grappling hooks
pulling us off course
participation in the flow
we are buoyant
as well as one with the creative process

nurturing we can see the change needed
wanting we think change is against us

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter two

Al Duval Ganesh Image

stand steadfast
you are not going to be anything else
other than you

amazingly the dna refuses to listen to our mind
amazingly you will wake up 'you' every day

something bigger or more in charge
than the ego is running the vehicle

notice the roads you have taken
look at the allies you have met
look at the things you have seen not work
without even having to participate

stand steadfast
you are you for a purpose
we need you as much as you need us

enjoy the reality of it all
it all works

only the ego
dwells in a broken home

Al Duval Ganesh Image

love is a matriarchal process
admiration is a patriarchal process

love gives a foundation for softness
admiration guides like a light
toward strength and courage

having both requires being a self responsible lover

with the courage to execute your highest ideals

to give -to share -to care
all point to softness

detachment - adventure - liberation
require strength and courage
having both

is no longer a process

is an aspect of knowing
which is present
while working toward
a functional outcome

Al Duval Ganesh Image

entertain the delights of the soul

attend to these delights with adornment and excitement

enter the mystery with a taste for delight
and expose your nature

removal of doubt and insecurity gives space for
attention to the divine

removal of doubt exposes our trust
trust you made it this far
on wings and prayers

spread your wings and share your prayers
indulge the divine

explore the unknown
not in fear
in delight

leading isn't as expressive
as just dancing
leading is your choice
not the way

Al Duval Ganesh Image

getting what we want is child's play
compared to realizing our destiny

exhibiting this choice
we work or we celebrate

working for what we want
forces everyone else to participate

our destiny reflects
the universal unfolding
manifesting every thing needed
to get us here

the difference is
wanting invests in others re-actions
destiny invests in the divine play

at the outcome we have
delusion or celebration

delusion is fleeting as the moment it was wanted

celebration leaves us in a divine ever present state
reflecting our satisfaction and delight

Al Duval Ganesh Image

define the state you are in
rather than making it a place

the state of nature calls us to explore

what is a regret? -a rainy day?

exploring the options
we see the negative fall away
then the positive presents itself

exploring nature's gifts
our nature will expose us

exposing our selves we move into another state
a state of exploration and celebration

repeating moments past creates
a fragmented present
our cells find hard to enjoy

joy is in the present
not in suspended animation of the past

super natural
the state of exploration enjoys us

Al Duval Ganesh Image

getting what is needed is happening!

getting what we want isn't!

look into what is needed and find the source
finding the source every thing falls into place

what is here?     what is not?

detach from the want and everything left
is available to work on your self
with your allies

going deeper into the source
we encounter the ever present - the divine

having encountered the divine - do you have a way to entertain the ever-present?

we work with creation
we fear our ability to care for ourselves and others

snap out of wanting
merge into the divine
where there is no thing

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter three

Al Duval Ganesh Image

plant it!
the seed carries the wisdom of the plant

the plant experiences its multi dimensions
from seed to seed
there is no where to go
there is no time but now
the experience is

the matter has to matter
or we are not attached to it magnetically

seeing the whole process guides the parts
to gather
to work together
to move on
the atomic soulution nurtures you
once connected to the soulution
any thing else is ridiculous

the heart that beats
holds a universe of light
the wisdom of the seed

Al Duval Ganesh Image

fulfilled or filled too full?

the light is the guide
the directions available
come from seeing

the most appropriate situation to utilize
is when there is no situation

be full and filled
that the divine is in charge
enjoy the process

divine light guiding the directionless mind
toward a fulfilling soulution

seeing the process we can influence
without over powering

we can empower
without over influencing

over powered we emote distress
empowered we emote our celebration
guided by divine light
the only direction is celebration

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an ancient concept - what suffices - is enough

our brain and heart are at odds with each other
more is a design of the ego
sufficient is a design of the heart

at odds with each other
there is a need for a neutral ground

dancing with the trees could take a life time
no wonder the birds fly from us

we engage the divine into sharing the ever present

with this in mind
we can celebrate as whole not as a part

the comings and goings of these waves of bliss
transcend our brain
and transform our heart

self sufficient
we spin with the wind
no time to clap

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the ever present presents endless possibilities

the observer sees the change and re conditions

the participator executes the present by changing

the executioner participates by being the change

let go it will do you good
there is more than you can imagine

going there is prevented
by holding on too tight

see the need for the change
and observe it is constant

see the ever present change
what appears unchangeable

the lightness of the universe
allows us to create our own state of mind
re mind your cells
of the change!

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the furies of our mind
manifest the obstacles on the path

conscious of your mind
you will be more careful
of what you put into it

the obstacles of the journey are of our own design
choice and will are tools we have been given
unused they deteriorate into
insecurity and doubt

use the mind like a fine tool
and empty the delusion and fear of death
putting the cells into tomorrow
leaves them frantic in the present

see you are victory
breath the breathe of life with passion
eliminate the rubble of the mind
exhausted with no where to go

exhale out your exhaust
breath in now!

Al Duval Ganesh Image

beggars cannot be choosers

wanting what another has is an opportunity for angst

wanting what others want of you
is an opportunity for disappointment

wanting what others experience
is detrimental to having an experience

an opportunity to delude the present and lose control

enable the presence of others
others will bring what they have
and share it
others will bring more than you can manifest
and surprise you

others experiences shared
are  opportunities
to go some where you haven't gone
creating an adventure

dismount your opinions and observe
others are an integral part of life
integrate and expand

Al Duval Ganesh Image

trust the ingredients needed to manifest well being

trust in human nature
trust abundance
trust nature

interaction based on trust creates a strong bond
one that empowers and liberates

being attached to your trust
integrity builds
until the manifestation of your ideals
becomes your own nature

embrace your trust as allegiance
directed toward a collective soulution

winning and losing are not the solution
winning and losing are the reason to seek soulution
to dissolve the dogmatic
resolving the sensible

Al Duval Ganesh Image
the challenge of life is to give it away

the divine gift is not to be possessed
only shared

buying into not sharing
we buy into
power possessiveness and manipulation

giving the gift away we participate in the unfolding
with the courage to receive the real

the real is celebration of the gift
the light in the light

and liberation

the light is the source of delight
the price is sacrifice
and manipulation

once we feel the delight of sharing
we encourage with well being
and share the mystery

Al Duval Ganesh Image

a symbol of well being is a being experiencing wellness

understand well - functional
understand being - not dead
well being - functionally alive

working on your own well being is enlightening
working on others well being is healing

this atomic being
was designed to work in the moment
any moment

this multitude of possibilities
to explore our wellness
generates our potential

this potential interacts with the functionally alive
and detaches from the non functional

expose yourself
as a being experiencing wellness

Al Duval Ganesh Image

acceptance of what you are not
lends more to who you are
than anything you do

sculpting our psyche we have much to remove
to expose our core

the outcome
reflects the integrity of the input

removing what you are not
is work that needs to be done

accepting the work as your life
there is some thing you can do
to make a difference

experience your love
as trust and your guide

it will expose
where you need to be

explore to the core

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter four

Al Duval Ganesh Image

there is no reward only a gift
we get it whether we want it or not

the gift is exactly that
we don't know where it came from
and we don't know where it goes

a reward is a possessive concept
which is only a fractal of fear

to own is not reality only virtual reality

the atomic solution
like water
has no problem breaking down to the most elemental

living on fractions of reality
is not full or filling

remove the fractal-ization
of the source

the gift is your own adventure
share it
it pays off

Al Duval Ganesh Image

looking forward we measure with time
looking backward we freeze time
looking at now we expand beyond time

being now we can clearly see what is available

choosing what is available over what is not
we can actualize

looking forward or looking back
our vision is impaired in the moment
and we repeatedly confuse our cells

hang tight in the present
watch the window of reality open
allow a fresh perspective
clearer about now

looking for now to unfold
work with it!

Al Duval Ganesh Image

surrender to love

a funny four letter word
and you have everything from
chocolate hearts to hand cuffs

enter passion
an action from the whole being
vibrating to new found vibrations

experience is life having you
enter in awe
and trust the mystery to unfold

love is a funny four letter word
it creates vibrations

can you continue to keep up that love vibe?

passion vibrates on its own
passion for life brings love
because you define the word first

Al Duval Ganesh Image

inventory the moment

feel for compassion
look for wisdom
listen for knowledge
taste for delight

what have you left behind?
what do you need?
is it packed and ready anytime

the present doesn't go with you
it goes ahead of you

angst goes with you - if you take it
suffering goes with you - if you take it
envy - jealousy - pride
all go with you - if you take them

what to leave behind?
the past!
what works now?
what doesn't work now
hasn't worked before!

Al Duval Ganesh Image
to do what is needed
listen -  feel - emote

the universal unfolding is not about bondage
it is about release

bondage of the mind begins inside

liberation of the mind is to keep it clear

connecting to the universal unfolding
the multitudes of ways or options available
are all paths

the one you are needed on
is the one chosen now

being full and filled
having what is needed
sharing of it becomes imperative

has nothing to do with

Al Duval Ganesh Image

passion and fulfillment are keys to unlock thresholds

a passionate way to pursue life

adventure comes from fearlessness
fearless we find strength is our key
to enter the next threshold

starting over
amazing as it seems
we leave it all behind
so there is no thing to bring

connection to the source
gives strength to observe our own
dysfunctional processes
and re-tune and re-mind ourselves
we are moving on

if we don't notice
we stay attached to painful situations
and die

Al Duval Ganesh Image

readdress your allies as necessary

detach from negative perspectives
and you allies are abundant

over come the tendency to scapegoat
and lose control of your cells

take control
being centered
the periphery becomes a passing perspective
rather than
over whelming and the source of our woes

detached we observe the processes of well being
as natural and our nature

returning to nature we can address
a sharing process

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the outcome
is a reflection
of the intention
following the formula

the wisdom of the mind categorizes
what works and what doesn't

reflection induces the memory of the process
and refines it to adapt to the present

evolution implores our senses
to be well
and to be compassionate
with those who are not

reduce the outcome
to the final soulution
and review the elemental
holding it all together

the appropriateness of the present
the formula
the resources
and you
as the soulution

Al Duval Ganesh Image

where you are
all that you could need

the brilliance of the day
shows the outcome in the moment

how many options can still point to this place?
all of them!

options give us choice
static and one way we become rigid

exhibiting who you are to receive the present
is your gift to your allies

analyze who has been the reason you are here?

you may
follow - lead -
or blindly enter the moment

these are the choices
your choice - not another's

detach from the outcome
live in joy

Al Duval Ganesh Image

re-view your situation over time

we came here knowing there was
some one to attend to our every need

we searched wide and we searched high

we identified with the external
and searched when we knew not what to do

searching wide we broadened our perspective
by homogenizing with humanity
with this endeavor
we gain compassion

searching high
we heighten our perspective
by approaching the divine
with this endeavor
we gain wisdom

stop searching
utilize what has been found
have a new view

Al Duval Ganesh Image

war is the destruction of our consciousness
by giving value to
power - possessions and control

peace is the instruction of our consciousness
by giving value to
empowerment - compassion   and detachment

re-evaluate your motives

cut through the dogma of destruction
the gain is fleeting
the outcome devastates us

heal with compassion
the loss is war
the outcome is peace

when war is entertaining
the audience is irresponsible

when peace is fulfilling
the audience is responsible

re-evaluate your consciousness
check your motives
war has a huge price to pay
re-evaluate your motives

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the universal unfolding
cares for the unfolding
enough to move you
to where you are needed

see the brilliance of the observation
you are where you are needed the most

inter action not re action reveals the divine
ready to emerge in the moment

detach from the reactionary
and initiate the functional
by becoming respondable

integration with the universe
unfolds our creative process
so we can see the brilliance of compassion
and the delusion of suffering

it is up to us to see with awareness

where we are
fits and looks better
than we could ever imagine

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the wheel of life composed of multitudes of parts
cannot function when any one is apart

keeping the wheel rolling is more than a trick
it is the purpose

keeping it together and functional is our purpose
sharing this
there is an opportunity
to enjoy the workings of it all

the attachments are mental and
only stick if we don't move on

moving on the journey is an adventure

staying centered the wheel functions
as a tool of karma
to introduce us to the soulution
one day at a time
rolling on

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter five

Al Duval Ganesh Image

come to terms with what is

it took the past to understand
it will take the future to unfold

how intense is the present?
it is ever present and doesn't go away
is that intense?

it doesn't just show up - it shows off
how much more could there be?
this much over and over and over

getting clear lets us see the soulution
and move into it - with it
until there is no difference in it and you

staying in touch it stays now

leaving it alone  it reveals a mystery

try and solve the mystery
and you find others looking
for what you have already given up
the gift got you here
now it is up to the present
where you can go from here
dissolve in the soulution

Al Duval Ganesh Image

where i am is where i went

what i got is what i asked for
the way to it was the only way

now i don't ask when
and now i know how!

looking in and finding myself looking back
finding out the value of looking in

winners lose and losers win
round and round
an endless round to be bound

an ego to blow
let it go

bound to the ever present
there is no gain or loss

being in charge of making it work
work on being the change
it adds up

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the creative process
allows us to move fearlessly
into the moment

the adventure is to re-solve our oneness
with the soulution

the creative process being a circular process
starts - maintains - completes
returning to the same place

now is the only time creativity will work

our emotional fulfillment engages us
to stop the search
and participate

the beloved is waiting for our attention
give it all you have got

how could we have known how full life is?
test it on a daily basis

now is bigger than our imagination

Al Duval Ganesh Image

re-mind your self
you are not what you wanted to be

re-mind your self
you are not what others wanted you to be

re-mind your self
you are not anyone else
you have ever met

re-mind your self
where you are has been created
by the collective well being for you

the creative process
requires being attentive
to the super natural resources
needed to manifest what you have now

arriving here well we took a wise path

arriving here broken
we took a destructive path

having arrived
a victory is evident

re-mind your self

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the awareness of the psyche
observes the big picture
finding you
the piece that is missing
to complete it

the place to see your self

observe what works
these are functional ideas

observe what doesn't work
these are not functional ideas
because they never work

discerning we put all of our energy
into functional processing

see the journey is one moment at a time
reality is ever present

taking the easy way out
and  your scapegoat
will butt you in the end

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the breath of life
has passed through wizards and fools

the taste can be sweet but ever fleeting

the lost breath- a sign of death
the found breath - a sign of life

the breath of life
was put here to explore our boundaries
and vanquish our obstacles

the breath of life
comes in as star light
and goes out just as fast

the breath of life
accumulates prana
to share the expansiveness

the breath of life
shares the mystery
without exposing any detail  before
and remaining silent after

Al Duval Ganesh Image

being intellectual
gathers information until your brain hurts

being creative
we breathe into our life
not through it

when our intelligence comes to life
it takes in others opinions and lives for them

gives to others their opinions and moves on
this process shows us the expansiveness of life

being detached
we can begin to recognize the difference between
our intellectual and our emotional bodies

feeling the difference
we initiate our emotional body
as a working part of our psyche

Al Duval Ganesh Image

breath is life

without it there is no life

laugh - scoff - shrug it off
when you lose your breath
you lose your life

delay is no way to make your life pay

move in - move on
move with breath
actualize your greatest gift
and realize your re-newed senses

smell - taste - touch - feel
the way through
is to move into your breath
one breath at a time each full of life

each exhalation
a release of the incomplete past
toxic particles
exhale to let go

inhale to move in
and celebrate you are here

Al Duval Ganesh Image

identify with the mind
and there is no time

expose the soul
then delight is an endless process

the alchemy
needed to liberate the mind
is to add the soul as soulution

release the minds hold on the past
let the flow move you
into the stream of life

the mind works with survival as its reality

the soul works with now as the dream

a fractal of the ego
and dismay for the psyche
does not exist

a test of our emotional being
is to receive the light
exposed in delight

Al Duval Ganesh Image

memory - reflection - responsible response

what has gone has gone

our attachment
recognizes our memory
reflecting it into a fabricated thing
when no thing ever did exist

now is the past

using memory and reflection
as tools
formulates a reasonable prognosis
of the situation at hand

this tool
does not project the past onto the present
it validates the present
by seeing the fabrication of the mind
is instantaneous and irreverent

interaction with the present requires
gratitude and graciousness

find those in the fabric of the mind!

Al Duval Ganesh Image

reflecting on some aspects of life
winning and losing are endless

being creative and adventuresome
we approach the divine for support
and observe the response as integrity

the divine the ever-present
moving but still
here now

now as real as it has ever been

creativity reflects passion
adventure reflects courage
reflecting on these aspects of life
now seems to be our ally

ever present
every where
maintaining a divine play

our part is integral
to the entertainment of the divine

Al Duval Ganesh Image

when what you are doing
is not what you think you are doing
maybe it is time to detach from thinking

what are you doing?
is it creative?
is it compassionate?
is it real?

realize the position
you have put your self into

the tools you have made
the situation you are in

look into your
and your wise-dom

are you still questioning or are you enjoying

questioning we stay alone
enjoying we create a magnetic field
drawing like minds
into our presence

Al Duval Ganesh Image

knowing has to do with knowledge
non-experiential information

knowledge does not necessarily train us
for our well being
confusing at best
does not give us direction in the present
only past observation

information flows from the collective undoing
what has not worked
or has led to a state of disempowerment

being disempowered
we follow the information without discernment

is an action toward our well being
using will power

removing what does not work

showing us options
in the collective quagmire of information

Al Duval Ganesh Image

the collective well being
is the individual egos demise

the quagmire of the past
holding a possessive
controlling power

the ego filled with fear
has no room for anything else to enter

realizing the collective well being
we remove our cells
from fear and move into the present

the ego can be dissolved
and resolved
as a functional fraction of the soulution

the divine isn't looking for us
the divine is entertained by us

pick up your ego and apply it
like a tool
to re-master the divine
as the soulution

Al Duval Ganesh Image

know what is on your mind and get it off

working with the divine - clarity is imperative

see your object as the purpose
the object is to give away
the creation with delight

share your process and the limit it reaches
far exceeds your own reach

clarity to manifest divine presence
not the object
the presence of the divine
purpose - passion - patience
all take the present seriously

hard to miss
the present is the closest thing to you
lost in the past and future
the present becomes untouchable

not a place to go to but a place to real ize
participate from the core with the core
exposed and real ized manifest your own universe
welcoming the divine

clarity of mind - divine presence and passion
are life's building blocks
Al Duval Ganesh Image

integration of the body and mind
our matter and light organize
an organic - feeling - mindful being

separation of the mind and body
the ego
destroys the vehicle for its own survival

survival of the ego is certain death

integrate the mind and body
then we are responsible
for our well being
and the well being of others

the ego is afraid of every one
the soul is fearless and designed to embrace

don't put out the light
put out the ego

survival is not living to be broken
survival is an alignment to the egos delusion

life is an experience!

Al Duval Ganesh Image
chapter six

Al Duval Ganesh Image
silently walking on time
and feeling the space
we emerge and submerge

we manifest our minds strict design
confusing our cells we project the wrong time
and a different space

depressing the cellular
we get lost in time and lose our place

encouraging the dilemma
we find curiosities out of our control

wanting what others have
we lose our personal perspective
of space and quantify our own dilemma

feel the real
touch the untouchable - the source
feel the depth of the real

quantify the depth of the soul
exposed in this depth of time
and expanse of space
we remember our cells
conscious of our soulution

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moving into the source
we dissolve into an atomic dance

exposing the source
we find our most natural tendencies

explore with courage to expand your mind
until the boundlessness draws you in deeply

the soulution pulls the unknown into the knowable
the mystery is the soulution

no thing to comprehend
no where better than now
fiery we expose the mystery momentarily
and are touched by the divine

enter the soulution with passion
and find adventure in every one
being a partner

the soulution is clear and satiating
taste it!

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transitions through time and space
develop our psyche

what we know an what we don't
becomes more apparent

wisdom is not about knowledge
it is about experiencing
the difference is we realize the outcome
not idealize it

living in the outcome we come to terms with now
putting it off
we abuse the future and avoid it at all cost

as large as the future appears
it only arrives one day at a time
no day is longer or shorter only darker or lighter

no place to ever go back to and no place to step ahead

no one gets more than one day at a time
some take advantage of this avalanche of time
others abuse it

experience requires stimulating the divine
for maximum exposure

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the price of being in charge - meeting god

the price of passion - meeting your lover

the price of adventure - meeting a stranger

the price of detachment - possessiveness

the price of liberation - manipulation

the price of love - the lover

what we give in order to get
what others want

give for the well being of your self and your allies

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take charge
move into the depths of the situation
find the core brilliance

finding alone
is a state of oneness

not - where everything is gone

but -where everything is

charge in
bring delight

bring your self

celebrate the oneness
vibrate to shake up the past


Al Duval Ganesh Image