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High Vibrations

the sun

 our personal star and energy

reveals the present


notice only pictures are time holders

matter updates itself

 into the presence of the soulution


reap the rewards of the productive energy you receive from the sun


prana an amazing alchemical ingredient

 that adds life to our cells


prana the sun entering our mundane static

stale vessel


refreshing and fun-conditional

the brilliance of the sun

moves on at light speed

observe the gathering of light


to gather beings

to congregate to allow the pooling of light

seeing then becomes available to over shadow

the delusions of the mind - lost in the past


the sun reveals our soul energy

the presence of light is life

it is happening!




humanity is our gift to our selves

working with it we expand and grow


expanding we continue to grow and teach

teaching we show how we have grown

and continue to grow


learning is an on going process

sharing is the opportunity that arises from expanding


contracting we diminish our capacity

closing down on our self and others around us


re duce your need to compete

redeem your self

see humanity as a gift we have

and attend to it


attending to the gift

 we find celebration

as the most fun-conditional way to share



wisdom the dominion of the wise

a state of mind with no taxes


a frame of the psyche

on which to construct a divine play


armed to the hilt with good ideas

primary cause in this state of mind is clarity


clarity gives us a now perspective

not riddled with delusion and scapegoats


the dominion of the wise

uses knowledge as an ally


 a power packed way to

know what doesn’t work and know it

not actualizing it


validation of the divine

 is participating in this dominion

with joy and celebration


move the self out of the path of the ego

such a destructive path

based on fear and survival

move your self into your most natural state

one of release and peace


filled to the brim

move your self

a need to stretch the body


to accommodate growth

don’t stay put and become brittle and stale

move on


the place you are in is needed by some one else

don’t become stale

become fresh

see nature as god

reflecting us every moment


see your natural state of mind

 is at peace with nature not made to react


see nature as god and god is everywhere

avoid nature in your spiritual quest

and god becomes invisible

see god

participate in gods work

share the abundance


attending to the collective

there is a priority

the well being of the planet

its people and its future


detach from the mindlessness

the doubt – the insecurity

the price isn’t easy

but the outcome is worth

the energy put into the change


attending to the collective

we have to see the light

recover the other half of your soul

the care giver

the lover

the one that attends to the collective


get a grip

the tighter the better

what you want will get you lost

enjoying what you have found

will bring you to terms

with the lover



multi dimensional we roll along

as the atomic soulution

invisible but here all the time


here – now

the ever presence of our atomic being


now is a place and time that moves constantly

with infinity to the power of the eternal

with possibilities yet untold


full and filled we still wake up hungry

satisfied and satiated

we still wake up looking for the lover


 moving on rearranges our comforts

and reestablishes our foundation


seeing we can move at light speed


 we take the lead

 and surpass our own imagination


 a place and time life has brought to us


the nature of humanity is to be human

not always pretty

but a guarantee of uniqueness


embody the unique


 what you are looking for

has never been seen before


your soul

a pure, clear, enlightened being

has no agenda, purpose or human requirement


as strange as it seems the closest thing to us is us


the depth we have to go to find this enlightened being

is worth every effort


once found

the effort ceases and the celebration begins

the labor of love will pull

you through your rebirth


re-leased life has new contractual agreements

with a huge fun clause


giving birth to our self

 we become our own attendants

doing all the necessary steps for a fruitful



the steps become the journey

now the outcome is here

this is where you went!

now that you are here

check it out


no place like you have ever been

delightful and ever present our new birth

has our own life to live


accept and share that with everyone


re-lease to a new lease

remove obstacles and rubble to create

a smoother reliable situation


to test our cells constantly

they will rebel and shake up our psyche

the body minds its self when our mind becomes

self absorbed


don’t be surprised

 at what the body will do to get your attention

being attendants to life - keep the labor short




 the psyche exercises trust

as a liberation of the mind


exercise trust

and god appears in every drop of the soulution


execute the ego

fearful and doubtful


exercise trust

a quieting of the mind

while the soulution is present


the ego won’t let go of the past

see what strange grip you have on the past


a grip of what?

a fluid substance

a grip of water doesn’t hold much


take a good look at what you are gripping so tightly

the past dissolves back into its primal state


this change of consciousness

makes now new


detached from the outcome

 there are multitudes of possibilities


locked in one outcome

or dwelling on the only answer

disables all the other possibilities


detach from one way perspectives

there is no room for flow or alternative processing


one way we get set up on a collision course


the alternative to one way

 is anyway

what an amazing perspective


open, receptive, flexible and multi dimensional

observe your allies buoyancy in the flow

not struggling but resilient to the under current



participate in your part

par excellence



the struggle of life trains us

for the strength needed for it to all work

functional again


unfettered the mind wanders into thorny grounds


re-leased we attend to our soulution

changing the energy throughput

from work to wonder


in wonder land we bliss  out

at the opportunities yet unfolded


in their presence we are seduced by the divine

to change our ways to the light way


delight is more than a word

it is the energy needed to participate with the divine

waiting for us to make the change delightful



a message to us

the mind is a good thing to control


like a double edge sword

handle it with care

both edges cut

how judgmental is that?


victimization of the mind is of our own design

justice is not to victimize innocents

for the benefit of a few


justice is to share equitably the earths well being

our abundance wasted in mindless victimization


the war machine feeding on itself

cannibalizes the masses

the victims who die for the collective well being





let go – lightened up

resolution of the source

is a dissolving process


like the ocean

an over whelming

power that is current

the origin

the soulution


currently the past is pushing us on

the future draws like the ocean

for a more fulfilling wholeness


resolved in this ever-present soulution

we are over flowing with care


a simple four letter word

one we need to explore for the evolution of the soulution


caring we become one with the soulution

enabling and empowering

the past dissolved - the present resolved

the future unsolved

unknown the mystery emerges