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a new









evol u tion


a new

so u lution



y o u make

the difference






the light of the new day


the light of the new day shows us

 the way

the adventure is shared by those who care

like a child everyone is new
there may be someone looking for you!

within the light
lives the divine ever-present and bright

the brilliance of the soul
is to be the last piece which makes it all whole

from this time and space
we can see the creativity it took to reach this place

reflecting on the magic of the divine
we remember the love it took to see this life as sublime

to share the love and bear the cup
this human form we have created shows us

what is up ?

pass this test?

enjoy the REST!






coming to terms


coming to terms

 with light and heavy

lighter & heavier

express better how they work

a lighter situation is able to take the psyche higher
a heavier situation makes the psyche and the soul denser

working with the lightness

 celebration moves in and initiates creativity

working with the heaviness

we condense and materialize the situation

both are real
both are available

choice is the action that makes us human

do we share our lightness to offset heaviness
or do we become so dense

 the planet implodes








surrender to the new day



surrender to the new day
a new way

removed from anguish
mental (regrets) and physical (projection)

the psyche can find a full filled presence

know no!  -   what is detrimental?

the mind can be kind enough
to re-mind us of the anguish
suffering derived from being static in delusion and dogma

working with the change we can start over
and over and over
each projection a new day
a new project an action plan

move on
if the trust you need is not present
move into the present

be the change

see delight



the courage to move forward



the courage to move forward

requires leaving

moving forward we embrace change

embracing change we broaden our horizons

broadening our horizons
the barriers of life are removed

moving over these barriers we get higher

getting higher we see the stars

this all star performance

engages us
to participate at life level

staring the collective

don't be surprised if you are asked
to get higher

there is a lighter way

moving forward


in delight




life etches our psyche


life etches our psyche

 with experience

experiences heighten our awareness
until we reach the pinnacle
we are in charge

taking charge we change

changing we move forward

moving forward we come to the present
the place where we make a difference

the difference we call change
unfathomable from the past

 the present

opens our sleeping eyes to a new day

take the opportunity to check with the divine
to find the present

relating our experiences we express our truths

experiencing our truths we find our self
indivisible from life

unified, satisfied, self qualified
share this gift of change
as divine


narcissus found himself


narcissus found himself
as a reflection of his longings

umphale gave birth to herself
to experience the earths abundance

jason without knowing

found his lovers as allies
and his allies as lovers

being our love - we reflect our soul

sharing our love

we become the key to compassion

experiencing our love -

we find our cells
in the center of the adventure

there is no strategy to being
only courage, compassion and reflection

staying one with the divine

 we trust the experience as love
sharing it fulfilled

knowing we are enlightened by the present
this presentation of the divine

opens our mind

removes time, shares the space

at an everyday level


 the divine exposes itself experiencing every dimension


hermes  mercurially slips into our psyche



hermes mercurially slips into our psyche
to unfold the resolve of the divine

attendant to our soul
he takes us on every journey

guiding us to remember the map of our soul

the turns we take today reflect the mind reflecting all time
finding us lost in our own mind
he wraps us up to in our own delusion

aware of our plight
we pay attention to the soulution
to dissolve our mind

is a gift of time

following this guide

 we find our cells
in a place never before seen

exposed to the divine
we re-solve our cells into a stronger soulution

not lost in time
not stuck in space
but liberated



the guide and the light



committed to the divine



committed to the divine

the man-mind differs to that of mankind

the collective whole

 is a unification of the parts

the parts designed by the divine
reflect the necessary components

 required to be whole

knowing all the parts are sublime
together the big picture unfolds

know no one way is best
the collective is the big picture

space is what holds it all together

the glue is peace

the individual piece

 is held together
by realizing you are not apart
from those you touch









as we step up to the present



as we step up to the present
we are aware of our binary basics

we can

follow or lead
 disempowered or empower
 be selfish or compassionate
 be manipulative or liberated

we do have free choice
the choice leads us to

 the present

being present

our choices are our truths

the future holds

 what  we see

 when truth is our strategy


is the emotion we need
to accept what we have done

being clear

being centered

 we can choose to change


the myths of man



the myths of man

guide the mind from a grand design

sharing with the divine we are
trained in the game of life


 the psyche absorbs experience

 like a sponge

the intellect

 takes on others opinions

like a dart board
stuck by those aimed at you

the body crafty from birth enjoys the work of self sufficiency

the spirit light by design

reflects the designer

we took on this adventure
to enjoy the journey

not to lose it all at the end

the present
a new now place
designed for us as a soulution
to be shared, experienced,

 challenged and touched
to be left lighter for the rest

aware of the divine


 the sublime sees the present

as the invisible x/y axis

of time/space

a plot of the grand design